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Design world map rusty made of COR-TEN steel

"The whole world on your wall"


The world map made of COR-TEN steel is hung on the wall with spacers.

COR-TEN steel forms a particularly dense barrier layer under the actual rust layer, which protects the map of the world from further corrosion.

Due to the natural corrosion process of the metal, every map of the world forms its own unique pattern.


  • Three stylized world map elements (made of 2mm COR-TEN steel)
  • Drilling template / assembly instructions
  • Fixing material for solid masonry


With the supplied drilling template, the correct mounting of the world map is possible in a short time.

  • Place the drilling template on the wall
  • Mark the pre-drawn drill holes
  • Drilling the necessary holes
  • Assembling the spacers
  • Hang the stylized world map elements

Application area:

Reception, office / office, indoor area, study, hallway / hallway,

Important NOTE:

Since oxidation is a natural process, every map of the world has its own unique, individual rust look.

The supplied world map can therefore differ slightly from the illustration.

Technical specifications:

Weight: approx. 6 kg

Dimensions assembled (H x W x D) approx. (81 cm x 140 cm x 2 cm)