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L design world map made of stainless steel (large)

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Design world map made of stainless steel (magnetic)

"The whole world on your wall"


The world map made of magnetic stainless steel is hung on the wall with spacers.

Size: Large


  • Five stylized world map elements (made of 2mm brushed V2A stainless steel)
  • Drilling template / assembly instructions
  • Fixing material for solid masonry


With the supplied drilling template, the correct mounting of the world map is possible in a short time.

  • Place the drilling template on the wall
  • Mark the pre-drawn drill holes
  • Drilling the necessary holes
  • Assembling the spacers
  • Hang the stylized world map elements

Application area:

Reception, office, interior, living room, bedroom, dining room,

Study, hall / hall, guest room

Technical specifications:

Weight: approx. 12 kg

Dimensions assembled (H x W x D) approx. (115 cm x 205 cm x 2 cm)

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