category: Worldmap Medium

Welcome to our category for Medium-sized world maps! Here you will find a wide selection of world maps in size Medium, made from various materials such as Stainless Steel, Rusty Steel, Iron Glimmer, or Anthracite. Our Medium-sized world maps measure 140 cm x 81 cm x 2 cm, displaying the world in all its beauty and diversity. Find the perfect world map for your space today!

The aim of Worldmap24 is to stylishly enhance your home or office with our excellent world map mural. That is why we are happy to supply you with our fantastic products throughout Europe, which you can discover in our online shop at

Experience the world map mural in five stylized elements, which fit into any room thanks to the different styles and practical sizes of small, medium or large. Furthermore, we produce our mural world map from excellent materials, such as magnetic stainless steel.

So that you can easily mount your mural world map on your wall, we will provide you with a drilling template and assembly instructions, which will enable you to correctly assemble your mural world map in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, you will receive cleaning cloths included with every mural world map.

Enrich your home and your business premises and inspire your loved ones and your visitors with your favorite world map mural in excellent quality.