DIY Hintergrundbeleuchtung

DIY backlight

DIY backlight customer project

"Make the world the way you like it"

With these instructions you can make the world shine.

Weltkarte aus Edelstahl mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung

Step 1:

Buy an LED strip in the color of your choice.

A radio / battery operated LED tape is used in this project.

Step 2:

Stick double-sided adhesive tape on the edge of the back of the world map.

After that, you can simply attach the LED tape to the double-sided tape.

You can decide for yourself what should be illuminated.

Weltkarte mit Klebeband und LED's

Rückseite Weltkarte mit Klebeband und LED's

Step 3:

Put the world map back on the hanger.

The indirect lighting makes your stainless steel world map an eye-catcher in every room.

We would like to thank our customer again for this beautiful project.

Your Worlmap24 team

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