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The paint DB703: Robust, versatile and environmentally friendly

The paint DB703 is a special color that is often used in architecture and industry. Its origin goes back to the cooperation between Deutsche Bahn and the paint manufacturer BASF. The color should meet the requirements of Deutsche Bahn and be characterized by its robustness and resilience. That's why "DB" also stands for Deutsche Bahn.

The paint DB703 is characterized by its particularly high weather resistance and corrosion resistance. It is therefore ideal for use outdoors and in harsh environments such as train stations or in industry. In addition, the shade is extremely lightfast and does not fade as quickly as other shades.

Another benefit of DB703 paint is its versatility. It can be used on almost all materials such as metal, aluminium, plastic or wood and gives them an elegant look. In addition, the color is available in different degrees of gloss and can therefore be individually adapted to the requirements.

The paint DB703 also meets high environmental standards. It is low in solvents and pollutants and therefore also suitable for use in sensitive environments such as schools or hospitals.

Overall, the paint DB703 offers numerous advantages and has proven itself in many areas due to its robustness and resistance. It is not only used in rail transport, but also in industry, construction and architecture.

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